Property Management

We manage leases, elaborate annual expenditure budgets and investment plans, organize meetings with tenants and conduct surveys of quality of service. Furthermore we take care of the management of taxes, local taxes, insurance, etc.

Specialist Property Services and Sectors

Wealth management services


  • Monitoring of the implementation works of tenants.
  • Consulting leases. Negotiation with tenants. Control of compliance.
  • Deposit bonds and bank guarantees.
  • Rent reviews, gaps, bonuses, deadlines.
  • Advice on building services contracts (safety, concierge, cleaning, gardening).
  • Negotiation with suppliers. Submission of proposals and advice. Control of compliance.
  • Relations with public / government land.
  • Handling of parts with insurance claims.
  • Management fees and taxes (IBI / FORD / Rates waste).
  • Reviews and emergency manual control, operation of the building and evacuation drills.
  • Monitoring compliance of Occupational Risk Prevention and Protection Act.
  • Regular reporting of incidents to the customer.
  • Day to day running of the property.
Property Management Services

We take care of billing lessees and managing accounts receivable, settling invoices from suppliers and managing accounts payable, monitoring bank accounts and follow-up and monitoring of annual budgets and specific improvement budgets, etc.


We develop a plan for asset maintenance and general conservation, in addition to the selection, hiring, follow-up and monitoring of contracted services. We also monitor properties in terms of energy efficiency, security, etc.


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Property Management

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