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Efficient and effective property management has a positive impact on business; however, it is a complex and far-reaching discipline which ranges from the design and follow-up of technical and energy management services to lease management services and, not least, a planning service to arrange the works and investments required to preserve property value.

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The objective of our team is to maximise the value of properties under management through the application of an appropriate policy on communal expenditure and on lease management, with the aim of achieving higher income in line with our clients' investment strategy.

Our expertise

The Property Management department is formed by professionals with a wealth of experience in the field. In a period of just four years, we have managed to increase our managed property portfolio to 400,000 sq m and we currently manage more than 35 properties, including offices, industrial and logistics warehouses and small and medium-sized business parks. Our team understands our clients' needs and the importance of the relationship between price and quality for effective asset management.


Property Management Services

We manage property leases, develop annual budgets and investment plans, organise meetings with lessees, perform service quality surveys and take care of all taxes, local fees and insurance on behalf of our clients.


We take care of billing lessees and managing accounts receivable, settling invoices from suppliers and managing accounts payable, monitoring bank accounts and follow-up and monitoring of annual budgets and specific improvement budgets, etc.


We develop a plan for asset maintenance and general conservation, in addition to the selection, hiring, follow-up and monitoring of contracted services. We also monitor properties in terms of energy efficiency, security, etc.


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Property Management

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"Almost €8.2 billion was invested in commercial property in 2016, similar to the figure achieved in 2015, just 2% down."

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