Financial Assets

Savills provides comprehensive advice on the management and disinvestment of foreclosed assets, both residential and within the tertiary sector.

We facilitate the sale and valuation of property of national financial entities as well as small-scale portfolio divestments for international funds.

Specialist Property Services and Sectors


  • Digitalisation of records provided by the company
  • Managing of municipal taxes 
  • Liaising with Property Owner Associations to manage payment of service charges, as well as non-debt certificates.
  • Monitoring reports

Sales and Marketing

  • Physical inspection of properties, installing signboards and photographic report.
  • Sales strategy
  • Local, national and international sales marketing programme
  • Marketing materials
  • Online and offline marketing
  • Monitoring and updating potential price corrections.
  • Sole point of contact with client
  • Monitoring reports
  • Sales process and closing deal
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Nicolás Llari de Sangenis

Nicolás Llari de Sangenis

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